Kicking Off the Collection

This category is offered in the hope that readers will post incidences of co-incidences. Over time they may collectively reveal that consciousness works in the physical world,  integrated with the human mind. I shall kick start with one of the most recent, and one of the most startling. Although I have written a whole book about consciousness this event  was quite extraordinary.

On another site will be found the book, which hopes to show that the science of the Western World is a recovery of memory; with the most seminal moments being those of inspiration, the point at which the conscious mind encountered the essential link needed for the next breakthrough in understanding.( There are excerpts of the book posted, and readings of about three minutes..)

This work ends with a soliloquy of the double ‘serpent’ of DNA where all memory is stored. I had been working for three years on this poetic history of science, and on the final stretch of the writing had revisited Bertrand Russell’s  ‘The History of Western Philosophy’ simply to check a point I remembered reading about Pythagoras. It was what I remembered and I realised I had finished my book, sooner than I had expected.

As I put Russell’s book aside, my husband called out to say that a neighbour’s Jack Russell had appeared ( he occasionally visits us and usually needs a ride home). I went out into the courtyard and as I did the dog dived into a narrow flower bed and threw out a snake, a grass snake about two feet long. (In the thirty years we have lived here we have never ever seen a snake in the garden) To stop the Jack Russell from killing the snake I lifted him up, and took him indoors; then I returned to lever the snake onto a spade and dispose of it in our wild pond. It was injured but not critically. I then let the dog out again. Immediately he dived back into the same spot and threw out an identical snake, a second one. The double serpent of DNA had been delivered by a Russell!

Author: philipparees

A writer ( mostly narrative poetry) of fiction and non-fiction. Self publisher of fiction and Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God (Runner-up Book of the Year (2013), One time builder ( Arts centre) Mother of four daughters: Companion of old man and old dog: One time gardener, lecturer, wannabe cellist, mostly enquirer of 'what's it all about', blogger and things as yet undiscovered.

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  1. Confess I live in a sea of such coincidences. Amusingly and recently my friend Alice gave me a ticket to a birthday party. She pointed out there was a dress code that I should observe. Luckily I had just the thing in the wardrobe. On arrival I noticed many of the fellow guests were sporting single magnificent diamond earrings. Taking my allotted seat I was delighted to find myself sitting between the Faerie queen and one of her other incarnations, a frightfully intelligent looking lady of indeterminate age. After the show was over and as we slowly made our way out I was pleased to notice that Cruella De Ville and Count Dracula had chosen to go point, while a small urchin in khaki was feeling my rump (I think he might have been told to go and check whether I had a tail) After a very pleasant afternoon walking around the gardens I returned to my digs and caught up on some news. Amongst a sea of fascinating information, I was delighted to learn that my daughter was about to commence a weeks work experience at “the place”. Ho ho ho 🙂


  2. You ask for examples of coincidence, when the real world and consciousness seem to clash:
    I am the author of a novel about Tajikistan, ‘The Disobedient Wife’, the first on the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was published by Cinnamon Press on November 1st, 2015.
    For months, I tried to contact the Society for Central Asian Anthropology, noting that they had a conference a month before my publishing date on ‘retraditionalisation’ and gender, the exact theme of my novel, to no avail.
    On Friday evening, I launched the book at a lovely little bookshop in Trastevere, an old part of Rome, where I live. As we were setting up projector, screen, moving furniture and wine, a young man in beige tweed walked through the door. He stood in the centre of the room, frowning a little. I approached him, wondering if he would like to stay for the event. He read a poster and gaped. ‘I am a social anthropologist,’ he said.
    A social anthropologist myself, I smiled.
    ‘Really? How wonderful,’ I said.
    ‘I specialize in Central Asia, I’m from Rome, but I live in Germany.’
    I gasped. ‘Did you know about this event?’
    ‘No. I was just here to buy a book’.
    He proceeded to give me his contact and details for other social anthropologists in Europe and invited me to send the book for review to the Central Asian Standard, their quarterly periodical. We were both breathless, wide-eyed, laughing.
    ‘I am so glad you are doing this,’ he said. ‘People should know about Tajikistan and a novel is probably the best way to enlighten them.’
    Great Blog!


    1. Wonderful when such things happen. They are, I believe, nudge reminders to both forward events, and also humble us as being perhaps ‘agents’ rather than the causative authority. So glad for you when events endorse what we are doing it seems an unlooked for ‘blessing’. Best of luck with he book and thanks for contributing to this rather dormant thread. You may have revived it!

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    1. It certainly was that Susan, it was a revival of what had been constant at one time. When consciousness interacts with the natural world, the symbolism it pretty stark. It also has its share of humour ( the Bertrand/Jack Russell connection!) I’d say evidence of constant and immediate creation.


      1. Also called synchronicity. As David Peat says in his book Synchronicity: the Bridge Between Matter and Mind, “synchronicities are coincidences that are so unusual and so psychologically meaningful they don’t seem to be the result of chance alone.” Interesting article, Philippa.


  3. We are new to your blog, but are already fans. Love the poem, “Sailing Folly Cottage” though my favorite is: “Contemplating Divorce”. So beautifully written and layered masterfully. Also, can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your post, “Kicking off the Collection” in more ways than one. You have to tell me, was there really an identical snake? By the way, luv the photo. “The double serpent of DNA had been delivered by a Russell.” Great post!! looking forward to your future posts.


    1. So glad you seem to have perused the poetry! Welcome and come again often, The story of the two snakes was absolutely as it happened, and although I have written a whole book about the interconnected web of consciousness when it manifests in split second ordinary life I am still bowled over by it. Snakes are particularly vivid for all sorts of biblical and mythological reasons, but more recent events, similarly inexplicable, will be posted shortly!


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