Still Waters. A Review of Psalm 23 by Stanislaw Kapuscinski

Still Waters:    A Review of Psalm 23 by Stanislaw Kapuscinski

The Individual and the Universal.

This profound work, simply written, makes accessible, through the familiar words of the Psalm, the perennial truth of the mystic, yet that is now the understanding of the quantum physicist. It is an understanding only achieved through experience or intuition, and most appropriately expressed ( if not exclusively) through the poetic.

Why the poetic?

 Because it refers to the immortal, the eternal, the multi-dimensional that carries the echoes of everything, what was and what will be. And what is here and forever. It leaves the freedom to say yes.

 Stan Kapuscinski’s direct reference to that most known and revered limpid Psalm takes his meaning from what is already known; which since that is the subject ( what is known, and true for all) IS the subject of this work. The relationship of the Ego to the Self ( the immortal Self) is the partnership between the Lord and his Shepherd, the custodian of the flock of thought that creates. It distills his many other works in a ‘droplet of pure and familiar poetry’.

 If I have reservations about the economy and clarity of this book it is not for its truth but a question about whether a familiarity with the experiences of the mystics is first necessary to appreciate the distillation? As one for whom this book re-enlivens what is already known, it is not a question I can answer. What I do believe is that those searching for a glass of spring spirit will down it in a single joyful draught because so few works of this kind escape the verbose, the didactic and the outmoded. This should be read barefooted on the shores of Galilee.Just to remember what is already present, and uncover it below the sand of seeming ‘reality’. Like a pearl smoothed by tides and what is called time.

Review 25/02/2020.   Available on Amazon

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