Reviews of Poetic Science

An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God

“A brilliant and profoundly erudite epic charting the evolution of Western thinking processes, probing the frontiers of rationality and naturalism and opening up a deeper understanding of the nature of reality based on the reality of mystical experience. The author’s grasp of the principal elements of Western culture is masterly and her poetic narrative woven together with extraordinary subtlety. The detailed footnotes demonstrate a rare depth of perceptive scholarship. This is nothing short of a heroic intellectual tour de force and deserves the widest readership.” ( David Lorimer. Director Scientific and Medical Network)

Endorsements of The Theory of Involution,

At long last I have read your typescript from A to Z. Needless to say I agree with much, even most of what you have to say. This implies an answer to your question whether it is right to rewrite and expand your theory. It would be definitely worth it. I feel less optimistic about the possibilities of publication. With best wishes and kind regards Yours sincerely Arthur Koestler 1978.

‘I thank you very much for sending me your Theory of Involution. I have just begun to read it and it interests me enormously….I certainly do share your views ….and believe, like you, that so called evolutionary progress is explicable in scientific terms. I shall write again……Yours very sincerely ( Prof Konrad Lorenz (1970)  Nobel Prize winner 1971 (Max Planck Institute.Bavaria)

‘Thank you so much for your letter and your manuscript on the ‘Theory of Involution’ …..I have had a good look at it and it seems you have a great deal to say that is of vital importance right now….(Irwin Schumacher 1974. (Small is Beautiful)

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