Review of ‘A Shadow in Yucatan’

This is such an unusual read…a story in poetry and sublime poetry at that. There are so many beautifully expressed passages that I wish I could quote them all…but best to find out for yourself. The story is set in the Sixties and recaptures that stirring time full of nostalgia for many of us. How different the world seemed then. It held promise of freedom, fun and equality, yet the story Philippa weaves is actually of the sadness of disillusion. The promise didn’t hold up for some people, not at all. Her characters in the story are exquisitely drawn, humorous at times, while her MC, Stephanie, is a romantic, innocent, naive young girl who gets herself in ‘trouble’. She still has faith in the advice of her elders but they live in another time and place so to speak…the world is changing and they cannot see it.
I have read this three times now and see more and more beautiful passages, new little details of the characters involved with each reading. It’s a book to keep by one’s bedside, pick up and read passages to oneself. The cadence of the poetry is flowing and it has been said by others reminds them of Dylan Thomas. But it’s far gentler and lovelier!

Loretta Proctor on Goodreads

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