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If you would like to order a book, ‘A Shadow in Yucatan’ is available (signed)

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2 thoughts on “Contact Options/follow PHI lippa?”

  1. Thanks Diana. I will have to find a way to fix that. You did mention your difficulty earlier and I should have leapt to action then. I am winding up to resume writing after doing a three month course in establishing ( or siphoning out) my ArtMark ‘Signature Story’ the Hero’s journey on which to thread my ‘elixir’. Sounds much more like you than me!

    But it has legitimised what I already knew, that my following (aka my Patch of the Planet!) are all solitary beachcombers who might just happen across what the tide washes up; my writings! That I can live with. Bank holiday weekend in the UK, snow forecast! But my daughter has found a fella and that is the best news to light the glowing fire inside!


  2. Hi Philippa, I’ve been meaning to let you know that when your name comes up in my reader the link is to your old site, which comes up as an error. So, it’s hard to get back to you – I have to do it manually. I can’t tell you how to fix that, but it’s somewhere in your settings or your gravatar. I may impact people finding you. Just wanted to pass that on. Hope you are doing well and writing! 🙂 Have a marvelous weekend.


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