November… Bravo.

Riddle:- What have the death of a quantum physicist and the sudden withdrawal of an offer to publish a book on the same day got to do with each other?

Welcome to Synchronicity!

Before I answer the riddle I’ll welcome you to this new Blogsite, where I hope to make friends. I badly need friends. In the last week I have found such warm friendship from the Indie Publishing Blogosphere so an ill wind has driven me to wade forth into this foreign world. For an old person (well not that old) it’s a great adventure; the virtual world of virtual friends. It could be the phoenix from the ashes of hope, because that offer to publish had come after forty years of trying to find a publisher who believed that readers were more interested and interesting than Tesco said they were. I was going to die happy, my mission achieved.

Anyway he pulled the offer when I realized the contract forbade me to publish anything myself, and he said he had no intention of an ebook. He wouldn’t and I couldn’t. So now I shall get around to it myself. The riddle of the timing is what the whole book is about. Synchronicity; the Collective consciousness, and although the connections between the two meet only in my mind, they have driven me to talk to y’all…so there you have it, the rings that spreads from the dropping of a stone, outwards, connecting everything to everything.

So connections!

First I’ll tell you about the quantum physicist whose death was reported in the Times’ Obituaries yesterday, just after I got the brush off from the publisher. I only met Ted Bastin once. It was because of the theory that led to the book, the Theory of Involution. So the book connects the two.

In 1970 a very exclusive and rarefied group of Cambridge dons, called the Epiphany Philosophers invited me to present this theory to a group in a bungalow in a garden. An epiphany it certainly was! I was way out of my depth amongst prize academic sharks. Mr Bastin and the collection of professorial heavyweights had me for breakfast…well a pre dinner snack. Their group was allegedly interested in the links between science and religion and my theory of Involution was just that, a new theory of consciousness. After I had outlined its central ideas Mr Ted Bastin asked a question about quantum theory. Since I knew nothing about quantum theory I suggested I could better illustrate the point through painting.

‘Oh for God’s sake woman! Is this Tuesday orLeicester Square?’

‘Well both actually. It’s about space-time’ (Another word for consciousness).

That did it. He stormed out. All the others shuffled about and I was saved by a priest who took me to the pub, and then put me on a train.

That was in 1970, so the death of the book and the death of Mr Bastin were linked not only in time but by something else, a kind of contempt.

This blog has another purpose, to discover whether contempt was merited. So now you understand why I need new friends. To talk to, to read to, to listen to.

Please visit, leave messages, and above all talk of cabbages , kings and synchronicity. We are all connected other than by satellite…or maybe satellites are the outer forms of what really links us. The instances of improbable connections are worth sharing.

For starters I must thank David Gaughran for leading me to this here water, and writing a book that helps all of us, and giving it away. There’s generosity

7 thoughts on “Synchronicity”

    1. Absolutely my experience. The great advantage of leaving a memoir to one’s own ‘last gasp’ is being free with names, all of whom have pre-deceased! Nobody mentioned is alive, which if I ever find a publisher, will comfort them that no libel suits will follow!

      Thank for reading Ruth.


  1. I knew Doctor Bastin all my life. I also visited him and professor Braithewaite at Cambridge, and stayed some time at Millington Road in Cambridge during the early to mid 1970’s. I have been enqireing into Ted Bastin, and his work for some time now. Enquirey leads to answers, although some of the discoverys have been rather surprising. I know certain things surroundng the work of Doctor Bastin which are rather very much at “odds” wth scientific discovery.

    Especially surrounding his wartime years in Holland and Belgium and work for nazi Germany. I am writing a book about him actually.

    I live in france now, but if you wish for a friend with whom to discuss his ideas, or aspects surrounding his work, please reply.
    Synchronicity always has a reason. My E mail is


    1. Fascinating. Thanks for getting in touch. I cannot claim to have read his work, but I certainly remember the demolition job he did on me! It forms a chapter in my memoir currently under construction! I have noted your email.


  2. Is it the rational mind that registers when it is inadequate? I suppose it must be that, or perhaps simply the inability to prove something wrong when it sings in a different key, or sings rather than speaks? But when synchronicity invades very ordinary life ( like Alfie and the snakes- see in the co-incidence collection)- then petulance at the irrational just looks like-well petulance.


  3. If you didn’t threaten people with these infernal ideas, Philippa, they wouldn’t go storming out of garden parties. They’d politely disagree, with good manners, like their mothers always said they should.

    I suggest that the person who keeps asking questions is one who helps leads us to answers.

    So ask away!


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