Review of ‘Change_Described_Explained_Predicted’ by Paul Drewfs.

This is a review I posted on the most amazing book. Superficially it may appear a dense and over-exacting scientific analysis, possibly addressed to a peer audience of cosmologists. In reading it, one discovers the necessity for its painstaking methods- simply because it is so challenging a concept it has to be underscored with exact evidence, or it would be cast aside as ‘beyond belief’. It is almost beyond belief but yet entirely believable, consistent and essentially simple. It gives the convergence to a holistic outlook an underpinning reason which stretches throughout our galaxy, and no doubt, beyond: throughout time, and beyond the time we have admitted and annotated, and to so-called ancient society a superiority to our own…a necessary humbling for complacent science, and arrogant mankind. Deep within it lies a new order of outlook.

Review of Change- Described_Explained_Predicted. By Paul Drewfs

In this period of suppressed hysteria about looming Armageddon predicted by the Mayan Long Count Calendar, or its opposite, a contemptuous cynicism and indifference, this book is a sharp knife that cuts cleanly to the bone.

It is a most compelling analysis of the structure of the Calendar, and its penetration into every aspect of Galactic and Global change. Un-put-downable. Exciting, and, by the end, so vast in its indications, and yet equally intimate in its bearing on human life, I hardly know how to describe it, except to urge everyone to read it. It is literally mind-blowing.

Superficially it is not an easy read: systematic, assiduous, closely argued, it offers the sceptics evidence they will find difficult to ignore—no, make that ‘impossible’ ( I was perhaps initially in this camp); it will douse the hysteria equally.

The author, himself initially a sceptic, set out to disprove the validity of the calendar and by every means he analysed found, instead, its consistency, validity and the great wealth of evidence of its mapping every aspect of macro evolution: predicting the patterns of change, the pace of sudden advance, the stasis of periods of gradualism.

Because the work progresses with an inherent logic that begins with an examination of the epochs of rapid  pre- sapiens and human change as evidenced geologically in mutations, migrations and extinctions and then moves to celestial affairs, showing similar patterns, I am reluctant to summarize. It demands instead that a reader follows. For the author is at pains to make this easy. The diagrams summarise, the data is provided, but the gathering of threads weaves a consistently developing magic carpet.

Having shown indisputably the correlations of a wealth of evidence the book looks for the underlying causal explanation and finds it in the Waves of Gravitation Torque emerging from the centre of our rotating galaxy, and bearing on every aspect of human affairs.

It slaughters not a few holy cows in the process, showing that Co2  build up, has been the result, not of human selfishness, but the intermittent compression of space: is also indicates the evidence of our brain waves having a resonant connection to this underlying galactic hum. It provides the human evidence for its influence in the rapidly increasing rates of change, in DNA recently, and in economic, global and biological consequences. It certainly limits our self-importance, but instead integrates us with the history of our solar system, both smaller and larger than we think.

It ends with an analysis of the possible new synchronisation that could occur on the 21st December 2012 and what it could mean. That understanding demands first the reading of this superb analysis.

Available on Amazon here.


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