Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God

There is a whole site for this book. It offers readings, excerpts, reviews and explanations.

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Subtitled ‘An Odyssey….’ this book is quietly revolutionary. It now enjoys a large site to itself where reviews, readings, excerpts and endorsements ( Ervin Laszlo, Andrew Harvey, Philip Franses and others) and ordering details are given. Find it here.

A light hearted odyssey through the history of science, art and music highlights the great gulf between intellect and the unified consciousness of creation, between science and spirituality, between matter and mind. Adding involution to evolution is adding yeast to flour; it bakes a lighter loaf, one that feeds the heart as much as the mind.

The author chose to use poetry to effortlessly serve scientific theory because it is through art and imagination that man meets the best in himself. As the mystic sees the familiar with new eyes, this work looks at familiar science with new eyes and restores it as one language of the many, through which God, as consciousness, speaks.


‘A brilliant and profoundly erudite epic charting the evolution of Western thinking processes, probing the frontiers of rationality and naturalism, and opening up a deeper understanding of the nature of reality based on the reality of mystical experience. The author’s grasp of the principal elements of Western culture is masterly and her poetic narrative woven together with extraordinary subtlety. The detailed footnotes demonstrate a rare depth of perceptive scholarship. This is nothing short of a heroic intellectual tour de force and deserves the widest readership’

(David Lorimer. Director of the Scientific and Medical. Network)

Other reviews ( Ervin Laszlo, Andrew Harvey, Arthur Koestler, Konrad Lorenz) can be found here

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