At Christ Church for the Oxford Literary Festival.

Jason and I met like ships passing in the night three years ago, and met again this weekend, to offer brief talks on self publishing from the same platform. As we were competing with Hilary Mantel and Jack Straw we did not expect a large turn out but it was, in fact, fully booked. (All those who would rather have been in the Sheldonian!)

Had a solitary walk in the dark through familiar haunts, and a glass of wine before realizing I had been locked out of the bastion portal, but somehow the silly plastic swipe key that looked like a toy (for the over fives) managed to release the Tudor gate for entry. Granted I was relieved, ( the snow and a night walking about did not appeal) but it seemed all wrong that tradition could be defied by something so cheap and nasty.

Anyway here we are

But Oxford at night is always magic.

Author: philipparees

A writer ( mostly narrative poetry) of fiction and non-fiction. Self publisher of fiction and Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God (Runner-up Book of the Year (2013), One time builder ( Arts centre) Mother of four daughters: Companion of old man and old dog: One time gardener, lecturer, wannabe cellist, mostly enquirer of 'what's it all about', blogger and things as yet undiscovered.

3 thoughts on “At Christ Church for the Oxford Literary Festival.”

  1. Thanks both. Yes you should. Like Florence, visiting Oxford is an obligation to oneself. I have a novel set entirely in Oxford which is the next hope for publication…and if I survive it will happen. There is an extract on it posted on this blog site, just introducing two main characters. The imperturbability of Oxford gives a kind of certainty to all existence. It seems to hold in its stones, quads and chapels the heights of human aspiration, and discipline. Enough to make one cry sometimes. Such longevity, unchanging in a changing world.


  2. Sounds amazing Philippa! Particularly your last words…”But Oxford at night is always magic.” Dream of ours to go there one day. Such a rich & vibrant history. And what a beautiful picture! Fully booked, means large audience, which would’ve meant nerves for me. lol


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