November… Bravo.

Riddle:- What have the death of a quantum physicist and the sudden withdrawal of an offer to publish a book on the same day got to do with each other?

Welcome to Synchronicity!

Before I answer the riddle I’ll welcome you to this new Blogsite, where I hope to make friends. I badly need friends. In the last week I have found such warm friendship from the Indie Publishing Blogosphere so an ill wind has driven me to wade forth into this foreign world. For an old person (well not that old) it’s a great adventure; the virtual world of virtual friends. It could be the phoenix from the ashes of hope, because that offer to publish had come after forty years of trying to find a publisher who believed that readers were more interested and interesting than Tesco said they were. I was going to die happy, my mission achieved.

Anyway he pulled the offer when I realized the contract forbade me to publish anything myself, and he said he had no intention of an ebook. He wouldn’t and I couldn’t. So now I shall get around to it myself. The riddle of the timing is what the whole book is about. Synchronicity; the Collective consciousness, and although the connections between the two meet only in my mind, they have driven me to talk to y’all…so there you have it, the rings that spreads from the dropping of a stone, outwards, connecting everything to everything.

So connections!

First I’ll tell you about the quantum physicist whose death was reported in the Times’ Obituaries yesterday, just after I got the brush off from the publisher. I only met Ted Bastin once. It was because of the theory that led to the book, the Theory of Involution. So the book connects the two.

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