Arthur Koestler at the Witness Box- well maybe?

Arthur Koestler at the Witness Box- well maybe?. White ( Write) knight for the Defence? Cross examination of a first supporter.

Statue in Budapest

CNN and the USA hear about Involution- New Release

CNN and the USA hear about Involution- New Release. Not new for many followers but in cse you happened here for the first time-

Introducing Careless Talk (Costs Lives?)


This blog will link to my other post where ideas implicit in the book ‘Involution-An Odyssey’. are played about with. There are many and they spread into everything. The Philosophy of Self-importance, that where I reflect. (Others more impulsive will be posted here)

It is about the world of logos, and the lives that give them breath. Reasons to record. Not the market, nor the stratagems, for I have no knowledge of that kind to offer.

It’s central observation is that lives are shaped by the ideas that also give rise to the books; books are the debris left by life. If we have something to say it is only because we recognise our uniqueness, and the extraordinary. Not the ordinary. So I will begin by being candid. My lives ( more like a cat ) have been improbable, but I suspect any reader of this blog would say the same. So here is a place to say it. How has your life shaped your book(s) and why was it so important to write it? I will happily host posts that are relevant to this idea because those will touch us all at some ganglion of connection. Making sense of life, be it in universal story (your twist? Your exposure? Your solution? And your hopes?) or your wisdom ( How derived? Why necessary? How provoked? What solved?). So both fiction and non fiction for they are both imagination. We’ll come to that anon.

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